*1: In the case of ultra-rapid NEAR method, the result will be reported in a minimum of 15 minutes. In Real time RT-PCR, if the test is completed by 11:30 am, it will be reported in the evening of the day. Subsequent inspections will be reported after 10:30 the next day.

PCR test for companies and groups

About PCR test
in Clinic For group

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Clinic For Group has set up a fever outpatient department to provide medical care for patients suspected of having COVID-19 infection covered by medical insurance in Japan.
So far, we have reported about 10% of patients positive for the COVID-19 in Tokyo, and we are proud that we are contributing to society by responding to this emergency situation.
As a result, we have been certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the only designated medical institution for infectious diseases.
We think that many companies are considering PCR tests in order to ensure the safety and security of their employees because their employees become infected or have close contact with them.
The Clinic For Group has been entrusted with PCR tests for more than 500 companies and organizations.
As of December 2020, various PCR tests are being conducted as "business PCR test".

Some of the "business PCR test" are carried out by companies that are not originally related to medical care (eg. companies that mainly provide rental WiFis, companies that sell beauty equipment, construction companies, etc.) and beauty clinics enter for business purposes.
However, at present, there are no rules to regulate or guarantee the quality of "business PCR test", and the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also states, "If it is a PCR test using saliva or an antigen quantitative test, a private test that does not involve a doctor It will not be hindered from being implemented by an institution, "and the difficult position of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is oozing out.

We, the Clinic For Group, believe that "proper quality assurance" and "correct response to positive patients" are the most important factors in preventing the spread of infection, as long as PCR tests are carried out.
Most "business PCR tests" are much cheaper than the costs that medical institutions, including us, pay to testing companies.
However, there is no clear way to confirm the inspection quality. We request inspection institutions that ”have been certified by the government based on the law”, "ISO certification", "CLIA certification", and "American Pathology Society certification".
We also have a travel outpatient clinic and a fever outpatient clinic, so we can handle not only suspected infections and close contacts, but also overseas travel and people with symptoms.

PCR tests carried out at our clinic are using a highly accurate reagent called Cobas SARS-CoV-2 approved by the FDA (US Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) , and about 1000 cases are performed daily. We are preparing the capacity to support up to.
In the case of corporations / organizations, the test results are also reported in the shortest 6 hours after submitting the sample to the clinic, and we have a speedy reporting system. Please feel free to contact us.
The Clinic For Group will continue to cooperate with the government to "perform quality-guaranteed PCR tests," "take corrective actions even if positive," and "provide medical insurance covered / public expense care for patients who need it." We would like to confront the COVID-19 by conducting PCR tests at medical insurance covered / public expense for those who need it.


About PCR inspection
for overseas travel

The Clinic For Group, as a designated clinic of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japanese Society of Travel Medicine, carries out PCR tests and English medical certificates for overseas travel.
Since PCR tests for those who travel abroad are given priority in some countries due to strict time restrictions, the Clinic For Group can hand over the results and medical certificate on the day at the earliest.
By the end of November 2020, we have provided support for more than 6,000 people traveling to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.
The standards required by each country are different and it changes frequently, so please refer to our column (About the COVID-19 PCR test at your own expense regarding overseas travel) and be sure to check the latest information yourself. Thank you for your cooperation.

How can I get a medical certificate after PCR inspection when traveling abroad?

The Clinic For Group has received various accreditations such as Hawaii accreditation, Chinese embassy accreditation, Thai embassy, ​​Vietnamese embassy, ​​Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and travel medicine society, and carries out PCR tests associated with overseas travel.
So far, we have issued COVID-19 negative certificates to more than 6000 people and more than 45 countries, and have arrived without any problems.
If you wish, please visit Clinic For Tamachi, Clinic For Otemachi, or Clinic For Iidabashi. We would like you to make a reservation online from our website for less waiting time, but you can carry out the PCR test without an appointment. Regarding the own expense PCR test for overseas travel, it is possible to carry out the test including infants.
Currently, we recommend the following methods for own expense PCR test associated with overseas travel, based on the specifications of each country.

「Real time RT-PCR」:
・Inspection conducted by 11:30 → Result report by 17:30 on the day (Web confirmation / email report. You can also hand over the English medical certificate on the day)
・Inspection after 11:30 → Report the result by 10:30 the next day (Web confirmation / email report available)

Guide of use



Please apply from the application button at the bottom .
We will reach you with the contact information you provided.

Estimate / adjustment of inspection schedule

02Estimate / adjustment of inspection schedule

Based on the information you provided, we will inform you of the cost and adjust the inspection schedule.

Mailing of inspection kit /submission of inspection list.

03Mailing of inspection kit / submission of inspection list.

An inspection kit will be mailed to the location you designated.
For companies / organizations, please make an inspection list .

Implementation of tests and submission of samples.

04Implementation of tests and submission of samples.

Samples will be collected according to the instructions of doctors and nurses and the manual.
After collecting the samples, we will submit the sample to the clinic.

Report of test results

05Report of test results

For companies / organizations, we will report the results the night after the sample is delivered to the clinic.
If necessary, we can also create a medical certificate (Japanese / English).

Const of the PCR test

The price is for reference only, so please contact us for a quote from the application button at the bottom of this page.

PCR Test

Can be tested
with saliva

We will adjust the cost according to the number of people

We also accept inspections with swabs (cotton swabs).
Shipping and medical certificates will be charged separately. It is also possible to take examinations on business trips by our doctors and nurses.

Medical certificate issuance fee

Japanese medical certificate
5,000 yen (tax excluded)

English medical certificate
10,000 yen (tax excluded)


Q.How can I apply?

If you are a corporation or group considering a PCR test, please apply from this PCR test form.
The person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.

Q.Can people with symptoms or suspected infections be tested?

It is possible. Clinic For is a medical institution that also has a fever outpatient clinic and carries out PCR at public expense.
Many medical institutions only offer asymptomatic patients, but any person can be examined at our clinic.
If you have any symptoms, please come to the fever outpatient clinic in Tamachi, and we will be able to provide medical treatment with insurance covered.

Q.Is the test method saliva? Or is it a method using a cotton swab?

In mid-July 2020, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare issued guidance stating that even asymptomatic people can use the PCR test with saliva. It is assumed that there was no result difference between the two methods. Based on this, basically, we will perform a saliva test.
However, if you come to the clinic, either one is available. If you would like to have a cotton swab test, please let us know when you visit the clinic.

Q.When can I receive the PCR test at the earliest?

In the case of an examination by visiting our clinic, you can perform the examination even on the day.
Even if it is a mail inspection, if you are in Tokyo, you can deliver the kit by motorcycle courier after applying, then carry it out immediately on the day and report the result the next night.
In the case of mail, if it is confirmed by 16:00, the kit can be mailed on the same day and inspected after arrival.

Q.Can the person in charge of the company share the results?

In the case of corporations and groups, we ask that the person undergoing the inspection fill out the consent form in advance.
The consent form created by the Clinic For Group states that you should approve the sharing of the results with corporations and organizations, so if you sign the consent form, it is possible to share the results with the person in charge.

Q.How can I get the results?

If you are positive, the doctor / nurse at the clinic will call you directly. In the case of corporations and groups, after reporting to the positive person, we will report the result to the person in charge on call(for negative people, we do not contact each person).
In case if individuals want to know the test results on the Web, please make sure to create an account of the Clinic For, and fill in the list for the ID, it will be possible. After you apply, we will give you a separate instruction manual, so please have a look there.
In addition, after the inspection you applied for is completed, we will send a written report to the person in charge in the form of a report (the number of contracts and the number of positive / negative cases will be stated).

Q.What should I do if I should be positive?

If you are positive, the doctor / nurse at the clinic will call you directly. Since the clinic will submit an outbreak report to the public health center, there is no work to be done by the person in charge or the person in charge of the corporation / organization.
If you are positive, please avoid contact with other people as much as possible so as not to infect other people, and wait for the contact from the health center. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the public health center for hospitalization, staying at a hotel, and waiting at home.

Q.What should I do at the health center?

Since the clinic will submit an outbreak report to the health center, the person in charge of the corporation or group will not be asked to do anything immediately.
After the clinic submits the report, the health center may inquire about close contacts the next day or two days after. In that case, you will be required to follow the instructions of the health center.

Q.Can I get a medical certificate / negative certificate?

In the case of corporations and groups, we do not issue negative certificates for individuals due to the large number of people undergoing examinations.
We will prepare a written report for corporations and groups.
In addition, we accept the preparation of a Japanese medical certificate for 5,000 yen (excluding tax) and an English medical certificate for 10,000 yen (excluding tax).

Q.When can I get a certificate of overseas travel at the earliest?

When traveling overseas, we will give top priority to responding because there is a time limit. At the earliest, we will share the results and issue an English medical certificate around 18:00 the next day. The inspections conducted the day before will be reported after 18:00 the next day, regardless of whether they are in the morning or in the evening. Just because you have your test done early in the morning does not mean that you will get results early the next day.
If you request, we can send you a medical certificate in English by mail, but in many cases you need a signed original, so we do not accept PDF sending by email.
Also, since it is better to check the name of the spelling, we recommend that you visit the clinic and hand it over after checking.
We will create a certificate of examination and other English documents upon request. We will support you so that you can travel smoothly.

Q.Is it possible to do the mail inspection and the inspection at the clinic at the same time?

It is possible. However, there is a limit to the number of people that can be accepted when visiting the clinic, so please check with the person in charge in advance to confirm the date and time of consultation and the number of people.

Q.I only want to prepare and contract in advance, is it possible?

It is possible. We will also share the examination consultation list (Excel file) and consent form.
Also, if you wish, you can have the kit in advance to prepare for the situation (having the kit does not cost you. If you do not want to use it for about 3month please return it to the clinic).

Q.Is payment available for invoices?

It is possible. Invoices can be handled by visiting the clinic or by mail. Please check with the person in charge in advance.

Q.Can you give me a quote, invoice, or receipt?

Of course, all documents will be created and issued. We will create it with the specified address, so we would appreciate it if you could share it in advance.

Apply for PCR test

PCR test for companies and groups

Please use the application button above to fill out the necessary information on the Google form and apply.
In the case of the second wave and the third wave, the examination may be given priority to the patient who have symptoms.
Please click here if you wish to have an individual PCR test (own expense)