For those who want to see a doctor now
For those who want to see a doctor regulary


Open until 9PM on weekdays, open on weekend and holidays

To clinic visitors

Our vision

Many people deceive themselves when they are busy

“I will just ignore slight illness”
“I can’t go see doctor when working because of the waiting time”
“Operating hour is too short”

When you feel ill a bit, please book an appointment.
We will start and examination on time.
We are located in convenient locations near your home and office.

CLINIC FOR group will prioritize your health and time.

Our clinic has web-based booking system that enables minimum waiting time.
We are open until 9PM so that people can stop by after work.

We leverage the latest technologies to meet your needs to see you “now” and “regularly”.
We explore various medical services to stay connected with you both offline and online.

Your better health starts here.