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photo: Telemedicine

We have started online medical treatment so that those who come to the CLINIC FOR group can receive medical treatment more conveniently.

Even if you cannot come to the clinic. You can conveniently receive medical treatment wherever you are, and we will deliver the necessary medicine or prescription to your home.

* Prices for online medical treatment are different from the fee for face-to-face medical treatment at our clinic.

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For the first time

  • We provide Japanese public insurance medical treatment and also medical treatment by own expense. If you need to receive medical treatment under Japanese public insurance, please bring your health insurance card.

    Medical institutions like us are obliged to check the health insurance card every month. Please show your health insurance card at the reception when you come to the clinic.
    In the CLINIC FOR Group, we treat people aged 10 and over in internal medicine and allergies, and people aged 6 and over in dermatology.

  • Although it is possible to come to our clinic without a reservation, the waiting time will be shorter if you use the online reservation because the patients who have reservations are given priority.

    Please make a reservation online in advance and enter an online medical questionnaire before coming to our clinic(both will lead to shorter waiting times).
    For the first visit, it will take time to register the electronic medical record, so make a reservation if possible. We would appreciate it if you could come about 10 minutes before the reservation time.

For the second time

  • Basically, the flow of medical treatment is the same from the first visit.

    You can come to our clinic without making a reservation, but in order to shorten the waiting time, we would like you to make a reservation at our website.
    Medical institutions like us are obliged to check the health insurance card every month. Please show your health insurance card at the reception when you come to the clinic.
    Please bring your patient registration ticket.

Clinical features

We are a patient-first clinic that values both health and convenience of our patients

  • We are open for 7days a week

    Open until 21:00 on weekdays.
    Until 18:00 on weekends.

  • Less waiting time

    online reservation will reduce the waiting time.

  • You can go to any clinic in our group.

    We share medical records among our clinic group.

  • Only you need is just a smartphone

    Reservation, patient registration ticket, payment can be done with your smartphone

  • Thorough utilization of technology

    We use technology to make patients’ experience more convenient. You can check the test results with an app wherever you are. Online medical questionnaire will assure you most appropriate treatments from doctors.


For information on clinic fore services, reservations for each clinic,
medical treatment details, etc., please contact us from the following.

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Booking Comfirmation

Reservations are not confirmed nor changed at the clinic counter. You can manage your reservations in MY PAGE or from confirmation e-mail.
Click HERE to go to MY PAGE.

Hospital Partnerships

In case you need specialized treatment,
the Clinic For Group will refer you to a specialized medical institution (university hospital, etc.) based on your wishes.

We have a close cooperation with the following medical institutions, so if you have a request for specialized treatment, or if your doctor decides that you need hospitalization or detailed examination, we can introduce you.

In particular, we are in close cooperation with Saiseikai Central Hospital, and all examinations that can be performed at Saiseikai Central Hospital (CT, MRI, endoscopy, abdominal echo, etc.) are reserved directly from our group.