Online, but considerate.
Face-to-face, but high-tech.

Online consultations

Online consultations allow you to talk with physicians and nurses, and value peace of mind and considerationfor you above all.

  1. Using online diagnosis right from
    the first consultation means even
    busy people get looked at
    in the little free time they have.

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    Everything can be done from your smartphone, from reserving your initial consultation to getting your prescription. Consultations are available up to 7:00 am to midnight on weekdays, and on weekends, and your medication can be delivered to your mailbox as quickly as the following day. We are a powerful ally to help with your healthcare.

    *Clinic hours may vary on weekends, holidays and other days.

  2. Physicians offer
    consideration during
    face-to-face consultations
    at the clinics.

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    CLINIC FOR has more than 10 clinics in urban areas in Japan. Consultations covered by insurance are also handled with care and consideration by your physician, who is there to ease your worries.

    *After November 2022

  3. You can rest assured of your care,
    as we have a track record of
    nearly 2 million

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    Nearly 2 million*1 patients have used us, and 95%*2 of those who actually had consultations went away satisfied.

    *1 Number of online medical treatment transaction in between April 2020 - June 2023, (Including shipment of medicines)
    *2 n No. = 17,890 Based on questionnaires for CLINIC FOR patients who visited by December 7, 2021.

List of Online Consultations List of Online Consultations

List of Online Consultations List of Online tests

See us in person

We are your local smart clinic for
those who need to be seen right away,
or want to be seen always.

  1. More than 10 clinics in urban areas in Japan.
    You can come for a consultation
    at a location that suits you.

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    Your records are shared throughout the CLINIC FOR Group, so you can get seen at a clinic that suits you.
    Whichever clinic you choose, rest assured that your medical records will be available there.

    *After November 2022

  2. Easy online reservations.
    15-minute trial consultation
    without waiting

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    Using online reservations, you can get a 15-minute trial consultation without having to wait as long.
    If you complete the questions before arriving, it helps prevent forgetting to tell the physician anything.

  3. Consultations also
    available on weekdays
    late at night and weekends,
    national holidays.

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    We want you to take care of your health no matter how busy your days are.
    Feel free to drop by after work on weekdays, or on your days off in the weekends, if you feel a bit off.

List of face-to-face consultations List of face-to-face consultations

clinic list

About Clinic For

CLINIC FOR’s online consultations value communication offering peace of mind and consideration with physicians in addition to the ease of getting consultations via smartphone or computer wherever you are.

We also have clinics that you can visit for face-to-face consultation. All clinics are fully equipped with IT, allowing for convenient and smart medical experiences.


  1. 2024.4.9 2024年 ゴールデンウィーク期間中の診療日時について
  2. 2024.3.15 クリニックフォア大手町院 営業時間変更のお知らせ
  3. 2023.12.17 2023年 – 2024年 年末年始の診療日時についてのお知らせ

For Corporate/Group Customers

The CLINIC FOR Group provides health support to people living and working locally as your primary care provider, as well as increased preventative support for those working in companies.

  • Occupational health work
  • Medical checkups
  • Vaccination on consignment
     (Group vaccinations for diseases such as rubella, measles, and influenza)
  • Support for internal health guidance in conjunction
     with occupational health physicians at companies
  • Travel vaccination on consignment

Job Opportunities

As a patient-first clinic for true primary care.

Starting with CLINIC FOR Tamachi, which opened in October 2018, we opened branches in Shimbashi and Iidabashi in 2019, and will open many more in Tokyo and other areas. We have an environment where we can create the ideal clinic together, from scratch.

Hospital Partnerships

In case you need specialized treatment,
the Clinic For Group will refer you to a specialized medical institution (university hospital, etc.) based on your wishes.

We have a close cooperation with the following medical institutions, so if you have a request for specialized treatment, or if your doctor decides that you need hospitalization or detailed examination, we can introduce you.

List of partner medical

Booking Comfirmation

Reservations are not confirmed nor changed at the clinic counter.
You can manage your reservations in MY PAGE or from confirmation e-mail.

Click HERE to go to MY PAGE.


Please contact us using the form below for CLINIC FOR’s services, reservations for each clinic, consultation details, and so on.